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Sacred Heart Girls’ College is a school which operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is operated and governed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS).

MACS governs and operates 292 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to continue the mission of Catholic education to proclaim the Good News and equip our young people with the knowledge, skills and hope to live meaningful lives and enrich the world around them.

Recognising the good work of educating the young is a co-responsible task led by every member of the Catholic school community, School Advisory Councils have been established to provide a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. 

This governance model was designed to ease the administrative burden on our schools and parishes, allow parish priests to focus on the mission of education in the parish, enable greater collaboration between schools and ensure greater consistency in school policies and procedures.

More information on MACS is available at macs.vic.edu.au.

Christopher Dalton, College Principal

Christopher began his teaching career at Parade College Bundoora in 1982 and after teaching at all boys schools, he held Deputy Principal positions at two prominent Catholic girl's schools before his appointment as Principal at Sacred Heart Girls' College in 2007.

Christopher is committed to Sacred Heart recognising the uniqueness of this exemplary learning community where young women are treated with respect and valued for their individuality and giftedness.

The RNDM spirit of the founding sisters provides a wonderful environment for young women to flourish in all aspects of their lives. Each young woman at Sacred Heart is supported within this nurturing community to achieve her very best.

Always striving upwards

Jodie McLaren, Deputy Principal – Staff

Jodie is a new addition to Sacred Heart Girls College in 2024, and brings a wealth of experience in Catholic Education, having worked in both boys' and girls' education. With a strong background in learning and development along with professional coaching, Jodie has also led various Professional Learning initiatives, as well as facilitated the implementation of various educational programs.

Passionate about girls' education, she is dedicated to actively motivating and empowering staff while advocating for them, so they exert a positive impact on both the learning outcomes and the overall well-being of our students. Having obtained a Master of Education from Deakin University, Jodie is thoroughly enjoying her role at Sacred Heart Girls College. She appreciates the wonderful environment at the College, observing students collaborating and forming strong bonds both inside and outside the classroom. Jodie sees that Sacred Heart has created an environment that fosters inspiration and balances academic achievement with wellbeing.

Julie Swanson, Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching

Julie has been an educator in numerous Catholic Girls’ Schools for her entire teaching career and has held a variety of leadership positions. She joined Sacred Heart Girls’ College as Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching in 2019. She is passionate about all girls education and how this environment empowers them to become active, resilient and future ready citizens willing to face the future with confidence and optimism.

Julie is committed to ensuring the learning experience provides students with opportunities to develop the skills, dispositions and knowledge in order to be successful and engaged learners. For her it is the students themselves that make Sacred Heart special - their enthusiasm for all aspects of their learning, their dedication to their academic pursuits and their warmth for all members of the community.

Always striving upwards

Carmel Feeney, Deputy Principal – Students

With over 35 years’ experience in education – early intervention, primary, specialist and secondary settings, Carmel is a passionate educator. Working with young people is enlivening and building relationships is the basis of her work. Carmel believes that recognising the dignity, contributions and hopes of individuals and teams leads to a shared wisdom, encourages voice and builds a sense of agency for each person.

With a passion for learning, Carmel has completed Masters of Education studies in learning diversity, student wellbeing and educational leadership. Carmel believes it is important to be an informed and reflective faith leader – reading widely and engaging in parish life. Carmel also enjoys the personal pursuits of time with family and friends; netball, gardening, reading and pets.

Working with Sacred Heart students is enlivening – whether it be in the classroom, with student leaders, developing College community events, working with students who need additional wellbeing support or a friendly “hello” in the corridors. The students are diverse and engaging – they bring enormous energy. In a world of gender inequality, educating and empowering young women remains critical to our students’ lifelong wellbeing and opportunities.

Brian McCann, Director of Organisation

Brian is a long-term member of the teaching staff, currently teaching VCE Chemistry, at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. As Director of Organisation, Brian is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the College timetable, playing a major role in scheduling College activities and major events.

Sacred Heart is a special place to work. The students have a social justice focus, they are ambitious and supportive of one another. The teaching and support staff are the backbone of the college and provide a caring environment for the students.

Always striving upwards

James Tian, Director of Business Operations

James joined Sacred Heart in April 2020. It was a special time which brought both opportunities and challenges to James’ new role. James’ financial and management skills in banking plus over 15 year’s leadership experience in education sector has been valuable, particularly during the first 6 months of the global pandemic.

James is a CPA with a Master Degree of Accountancy. Despite the challenges, he loves the new role and enjoys the dynamic office and the wonderful administration and support teams at the college. “I cannot help noticing that Sacred Heart has such a great learning environment. Students show something really special in their focus and eagerness to learn. That makes Sacred Heart stand out.”

James is married with two kids. He is passionate about sports. He has been a youth soccer coach for 4 years in the local club. Since immigrating to Australia, he and his family has become big Bulldog supporters.

College Captain

Isabelle Devadass

What I love most about Sacred Heart is how much student voice matters. It's not just about following the curriculum; it's about actively shaping our educational experience. Through class discussions, student-led initiatives, and decision-making, our perspectives and opinions are valued and sought after. Teachers don't just teach; they listen and collaborate with us, understanding that our insights are vital in creating a vibrant learning environment.

This emphasis on student input extends beyond the classroom; we also have a say in the happenings of the College- this makes the College feel like OUR College, not just a place we have to attend. I also think this sets us up well for beyond Sacred Heart enabling us to advocate for change, and articulate our perspectives effectively.

As co-College Captain, I want to create a safe and supportive space where every student feels empowered to overcome any hesitations they may have about expressing themselves. I understand that building confidence in voicing opinions requires patience, encouragement, and trust. Therefore, I am committed to continue fostering an environment where students feel not only encouraged, but also valued to share their unique insights.

College Captain

Dezi Kydas

To be a part of the Sacred Heart Girls' College community is to be a part of a world where everyone is celebrated and supported to always strive upwards; whether it be academically, artistically, or athletically. My time at the College has really assisted me in understanding my interests through the wide range of subjects and electives offered, which has in turn given me the opportunity to experience new learning and gain new skills which I would never have gained otherwise. As one of the College Captains, I am so proud to lead such a compassionate, respectful and driven community, and to have to chance to ensure every young voice is heard. As young women, we are never told that our opinions or ideas are invalid, and thus we are prepared to go out into the world and have the courage to speak out for ourselves and others. Ultimately, Sacred Heart Girls' College prepares us to forever strive to be changemakers, and we are always encouraged to not only continually improve ourselves as we grow wiser, but to also try and improve the lives of others, even if that means through small random acts of kindness.

Deputy College Captain - Arts

Rosario Acosta Fernandez

A particular standout during my time at Sacred Heart has to be the music program. Throughout my years in the program, I have felt not only my musicianship skills, but my confidence, diligence, and motivation increase exponentially. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than finally getting that passage right or hearing how all the different instruments and parts come together as an ensemble. Having also dabbled in teaching younger students, it is truly rewarding to see how other students grow and improve as musicians throughout the year.

As the 2024 Deputy College Captain - Arts I wish to continue to further enrich the Arts environment of the College through increased encouragement for students of all skill levels to join in and have some fun, whether that be through music, dance, drama, or the visual arts. Additionally, I would like to provide lots of opportunities for others to partake in the Arts. I want to make the Fourvière Building a safe haven for other people to enjoy and express themselves through the Arts, just as it has been for me during my time at Sacred Heart.

Deputy College Captain - Faith

Tess Dargan

My name is Tess and I have the privilege of being the 2024 Deputy College Captain - Faith. I have been at SHGC since Year 7 and I have to say that it is such a wonderful environment to be educated in! The girls here are very friendly and are always kind and supportive. From an early age, the Catholic faith has helped shape my life. As an active member of my parish and having attended World Youth Day last year, I hope to share my faith with peers that are open to hearing more about God. I aspire to work closely with Marina, our Deputy College Captain - Social Justice to re-enforce the importance of faith in action - whether it be raising funds for those who are disadvantaged or awareness of organisations such as ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans). Through organising fundraisers, we all personally help the education of Philippine girls in Menubo which in turn builds our faith and trust in God. I love Sacred Heart because we are a very close community and I hope to work so that our College reflects the essence of Christianity which is to serve.

Deputy College Captain - Social Justice

Marina Funtusoff

During my time at Sacred Heart, I have enjoyed the supportive and strong community spirit that comes with being a student here. I have learnt how to foster meaningful relationships with people around me and create a strong sense of self. Embracing the inclusivity and diversity of this school is the key to empowering all Sacred Heart students. The welcoming environment is a place where knowledge and understanding can be shared and appreciated. As the Deputy College Captain - Social Justice, I would like to instil a sense of compassion and care for the world in all members of our Sacred Heart community. I believe that to truly flourish as a community, we must look out for those who are in need, to allow everyone to thrive. In my role I would like to encourage students to participate in the various social justice activities offered at the school.

Deputy College Captain - Sport

Sophie Stinear

Sacred Heart Girls' College is more than just a place to learn. It's a community that supports students in feeling like they belong, pushing them to constantly give their utmost and modelling inclusivity, compassion and respect in everything they do. The wide variety of extracurricular activities, social justice, and sporting opportunities, as well as leadership positions available provide sufficient opportunities for personal and professional development. Specifically, the Sports department allows individuals to be challenged and grow beyond themselves whilst forming meaningful connections with others. Some of these sporting activities include House Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, House Cross Country and House Netball. Sacred Heart is also a part of the Catholic Girls' Sport Association of Victoria (CGSAV) sporting events in which all students are encouraged to compete against other schools in a competitive and enjoyable environment. I will always remember my time spent at Sacred Heart with fondness with unforgettable experiences that I will always cherish.