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Starting secondary school is a keenly anticipated milestone in a student’s life. There are so many things to look forward to: new experiences, new people and new subjects. There are unlimited opportunities to develop life-long friendships, build independence and be challenged.

In partnership with families, we embark on this exciting new chapter. We believe that our College environment enables the development of strong, articulate, discerning people who are faithful to Gospel values, and who have respect for themselves, compassion for others and a preparedness and willingness to embrace life’s challenges.

Sacred Heart Girls’ College places great emphasis on developing the whole person. Our motto Semper Superne Nitens translates as Always Striving Upwards and encourages our students to aim for personal improvement in all aspects of life; academic, social, faith, emotional, sporting, artistic and many other endeavours.

When students begin their learning journey at Sacred Heart, our community seeks to understand and respond to each student’s strengths, talents and needs and to create an environment that encourages everyone to strive to be their best. A love of learning is enhanced through an exciting, enriching and challenging curriculum, where connection is made between what happens in the classroom and real-life applications. Students are extended beyond the classroom to develop greater meaning in what they do.

We acknowledge that some students may, at times, find the transition from primary school to a new environment challenging. It is important that students and families know that they are not alone in navigating the changes that come with starting at a new school. Our carefully designed, comprehensive transition program provides support at this crucial time and focusses on developing new friendships and learning new routines and structures. To help in this, each Year 7 student is paired with a “Big Sister” from Year 11.

Throughout your child’s final year of primary school, our transition timeline, helps us to get to know them.


  • Sacred Heart Girls’ College makes initial contact with primary schools 


  • Family Transition Conversations - All students and their parent(s)/carer(s) are invited to Sacred Heart Girls’ College for a transition conversation with a staff member. This interview provides an opportunity for incoming students and their families to ask any questions they may have and for the College to learn about the student and their interests.
  • Primary School Visits - Sacred Heart Girls’ College staff begin visiting priority parish primary schools. 


  • Orientation Day - Students are invited to attend an Orientation Day. On this day they will have a chance to meet other students and staff and familiarise themselves with the campus. Students will also complete a short assessment, to help the College understand their learning profile.
  • Parent Information Evening 

Information regarding your child’s transition will be communicated to your family in the year prior to starting at Sacred Heart Girls’ College.

We look forward to working in partnership with your family as your child progresses through their educational journey at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. For any questions regarding transition, please contact our Transition Coordinator, Fiona McGrath at: transition@shgc.vic.edu.au.