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Year 12 Theatre Studies

Congratulations to the Year 12 class on their entertaining performance of “Boy Girl Wall” on Tuesday 18 May. The appreciative audience enjoyed this delightful story with its wonderful and weird characters all brought to life by the students with flair and energy.

The narrators introduced the story of a boy, a girl and wall, and assured us that ‘this is not a love story’. We met Thomas Thompson (the 83,333rd in his line with that name) who lives in a small apartment in Brisbane’s West End. Thom is a dreamer and a star gazer but during the day he works in IT. Thom has a secret; he has no idea what his company does. His boss, Mel, is keen on Improvisation and fortunately for Thom, less keen on supervising. That’s the boy part of the story.

The narrators then introduced the girl, Alethea Jones, who lives in the apartment next door to Thom. Alethea is a children’s book author and something of a perfectionist. She names everything she owns and is painting a mural on her side of the wall that mirrors everything in her apartment. Alethea rides her bike Penelope everywhere and has a love hate relationship with her computer Dave. Then we were introduced to Alethea’s publisher, Marco Grisetti, a smooth schmoozer. That’s the girl part of the story.

Then we met a Wall. The wall that separates Thom and Alethea. The Wall is a romanticist who has decided that Thom and Alethea need to be brought together. 

What ensues, through the guidance and story telling of the narrators, is how Thom and Alethea meet. Across three days of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (who are characters themselves), we followed the separate lives of Thom and Alethea through work crises, an attack by a killer Magpie and writer’s block, until an event occurs that changes their lives forever...

Staging a play is part of the VCE Unit 3 Theatre Studies course where the students are responsible for working in two production roles. They collaborate, plan, create, document, and evaluate the production process.

I am very proud of what they have achieved and the high level of dedication throughout this process.

Many hours went into character development, line learning, creating and sourcing props, set and costumes. Student directors led rehearsals and sound and lighting plots were developed. The students worked very hard and did a fantastic job!

A special thank you to Abigail Yeo, Mr Peter Minack and the Maintenance team for their assistance.

Congratulations once again.
Thank you

Melissa Learmonth
Theatre Studies Teacher