Always striving upwards

Science Club

Our Year 7 future scientists are again enjoying participating in Science Club and this week they investigated the impact of changing the ratio of PVA solution to borax solution on the properties of slime.

Science Club is usually held on a Day 6 in D24 at 1:40pm (allowing students a chance to eat lunch before entering the Science laboratory) and variations to this schedule are published for students and parents in SIMON/PAM daily notices. This club runs from Term 2 to Term 4 each year.

All Year 7 students are welcome to attend this voluntary club, run by Year 7 Science teachers Anne Noonan and Dessa Vaharakis. Future experiments to be conducted in Science Club include making bioplastic and investigating the impact of different sources of starch on the prop erties of the bioplastic using microscopes to look more closely at our natural world growing crystals teabag rockets giant bubbles and the delightful properties of dry ice. The program is open to student input and has an experiment based focus so as to encourage students to explore, explain and enjoy the wonders of Science around us.

Anne Noonan
Year 7 Level Leader