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Deputy Principal – Students

Empowering and enabling young people

It is important that we allow young people the dignity of trying to use problem-solving skills themselves; to use positive help-seeking strategies and expecting them to accept responsibility for their decisions. They can, either independently or with our support, reflect upon their successes and mistakes and grow. With unconditional love and guidance, we can help our young people to become strong, independent and resourceful young adults.

We know that making mistakes is part of life and that we are always learning - no matter how old we are. When we step in and manage things for our children, to protect them or make them ‘happy’, we actually rob them of the opportunity to test out their own ideas and risk undermining their self-confidence.

We are the ‘guide on the side’. So please…

Encourage your child to speak with their teachers to seek clarification or assistance. This is the simplest and most effective means of solving problems or seeking further information. It is also a strong life skill which we want all young people to learn.

Guide them to resolve friendship issues and misunderstandings. Allow them to work out what they could do before stepping in. Talk it through.

Step in with your child’s knowledge and work together. Parents and carers can contact their child’s subject teacher, Homeroom teacher or Year Level Leader if their child needs help with communicating their concerns or if a serious/confidential matter arises.

For more information on wellbeing and building independence skills for young people aged 12 to 18 years, please check out SchoolTV via the College website ( or the Raising Children website (

Guide on the side