Always striving upwards

Deputy Principal – Students


The start of the school year is such an exciting time. There are new students, families and staff to welcome to the Sacred Heart community and new relationships to build. There is the welcoming back of known students, families and staff with their stories to hear.

The Year 7s are wide-eyed, expectant and a bit nervous as they step into the unknown – secondary school. They have been prepared, but living it out is whole new ball game. They have begun a year that proffers new friends, their first Outdoor Education camp, House Carnivals, Sacred Heart Day, College assemblies, Arts Festival, Production, clubs, ensembles and so much more.

The Year 12s are a bit wide-eyed too – this is their big year. In between waiting for the Year 12 kitchen to open, classes, SACs, Formal, exams and the retreat they have an eye to nostalgia as they move through a year of lasts – last House Carnivals, last Sacred Heart Day and so on.

There are many changes and firsts for students in other year levels too – new Homeroom combinations, new subjects, new teachers and new classmates as we welcome students and families who have chosen to join Sacred Heart.

Across the whole school, now is the time for forging new relationships and being open to the possibilities of what 2023 can be. As we launch into Welcome Evenings, College and year level events and a vast array of learning experiences we hope that all students and families feel at home at Sacred Heart and ready to shine.