Always striving upwards

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching


A warm welcome to the 2022 school year especially to families new to the Sacred Heart community. One of the joys of a new school year is the opportunity it provides our students to start afresh, to approach studies with renewed passion and persistence, to leave any disappointments behind and to focus in on the next stage of their learning journey.

Over the past two years much has been written and said about the implications of learning from home, but all too often it has focussed on what was lost rather than how we can build on what was gained. Our students became more resilient and independent, and all of us, students and teachers alike, became more agile and adaptable learners in the online space. Students became well equipped to deal with the unpredictable, and, enhanced lifelong skills and dispositions such as organisation and resourcefulness. But we also acknowledge that whilst many of us flourished a few of us did flounder and we all missed the physical social connection that we value so highly as a learning community.

A new learning year

It is important for us all to instil a sense of confidence in our students and to remind them that they all experienced success in some shape or form last year. It is imperative that we speak positively to students about their learning in 2021 so that they feel ready to tackle 2022. Our teachers are very mindful of how different the learning journey of all our students has been over the last two years and have taken this into account when planning the learning and teaching program.

With all of this in mind, the beginning of the school year is the perfect time for students to think about their learning goals and to approach their studies anew. I encourage all students to commit to developing a growth mindset, remembering to view mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities. I would also encourage all parents to instigate a conversation with their daughter as to what her goals might be and what they can do to support her learning this year. Success looks different for everyone, and parental support is crucial in assisting students to develop realistic and attainable goals, whatever they may be.