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Semester 2 Examinations and ECP - Unit 1 and 2 Students

Semester 2 Examinations and ECP - Unit 1 and 2 Students

Semester exams are fast approaching for our Year 10 and 11 students.

Families and students often ask, “Why do we have exams?”. At Sacred Heart examinations are viewed as just one form of assessment. In particular they:

  • provide one important source of information regarding a student’s progressive development.
  • provide a specific form of evidence regarding student learning.
  • provide students with an opportunity to revise areas across multiple subjects.
  • assist students to develop study skills that build on prior knowledge and understanding.
  • expose students to experiencing a series of tests within a set time frame.
  • mirror a similar experience as VCAA exams.

Students are able to view their Semester 2 exam timetables on SIMON along with the College’s expectations and protocols for the conduct of exams at the College.

Unit 1 and 2 exams commence Wednesday 8 November and run until Friday 17 November. At the completion of exams our Unit 3 and 4 Early Commencement Program (ECP) begins on Monday 20 November. During ECP Year 11 students may submit a change of preference form for their Unit 3&4 studies.