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Semester 1 Examinations - Year 10 and 11 Students

Semester exams are fast approaching for our Year 10 and 11 students. (Our Year 7 to 9 exams are in Term 3).

Families and students often ask, “Why do we have exams?”. At Sacred Heart examinations are viewed as just one of many forms of assessment.

In particular exams:

  • provide one important source of information regarding a student’s progressive development.
  • provide a specific form of evidence regarding student learning.
  • provide students with an opportunity to revise areas across multiple subjects.
  • assist students to develop study skills that build on prior knowledge and understanding.
  • expose students to experiencing a series of tests within a set time frame.
  • mirror a similar experience to VCAA exams.

Students can view their Semester 1 exam timetable on SIMON along with the College’s expectations and protocols for the conduct of exams. has a free downloadable checklist, and other useful resources, to assist all students who are preparing for exams.

exam slay checklist

Future Ready Program

Our Year 10 Future Ready program is designed to help students explore their future pathways and to assist them in planning their senior years studies.Held after their Semester 1 exams, this 5 day program includes mock interviews, a mini careers expo, two “Day in the life” excursions (TAFE and Tertiary), and a VCE subject expo.Students will also engage with the Careers Department and utilise an online interactive platform which helps them consider all their future options through a personalised program of self-exploration and industry exposure.

Y10 Future Ready

Staff Professional Learning

On Thursday, 25 May teaching staff participated in a professional learning day entitled “From reading to thinking”, facilitated by educational consultant, Kirstin Bourne.

Linking to our whole school focus on improving disciplinary literacy, staff explored subject specific strategies that can be taught to students to improve reading skills and student writing. Explicitly teaching writing in every subject, as expectations build from Year 7 to Year 12, is essential for students to become successful thinkers and learners. The day also explored ideas such as the impact of cognitive load on student learning, the differences between reading online and printed texts, and the relationship between digital distractions and long-term memory.

PL 5 may 2023