Always striving upwards

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Learning Matters

We are all very excited to welcome our students back to the physical learning environment at Sacred Heart.

Our focus over the next few weeks will be two-fold, learning and wellbeing. It cannot simply be a case of back to where we left off last time when we were physically in the classroom. Teachers and students will need to reconnect and reframe classroom expectations. Subjects for students, their learning habits and dispositions have evolved and developed during this extended time of home-based learning. Getting back into the routines of school life will be exciting for some but a challenge for others (teachers included).

Teachers will focus on finding ways to reassure and build confidence in students about the progress they have made in their learning, and this includes all the “other” skills they have developed and focused on essential skills and knowledge without trying to “catch-up” on content. We are aware that many students have flourished during home-based learning and a few have floundered. But we are also very confident that all students have been progressing in their learning and will be ready to progress a year level in 2022. However, if you are concerned about your daughter’s learning progress then please contact the relevant subject or Homeroom Teacher.

Assessment, Feedback & Reporting

Year 10 and 11 end of Semester 2 exams have been completed and results will be available on PAM by the end of term and like all Assessment Tasks, will be accompanied by a feedback comment or rubric. It will be this feedback, not the numeric result, that will most the most valuable for students and teachers in acknowledging what she has done well as identifying improvement strategies for next year. These complement the ongoing and timely feedback to students and parents across the year, which has remained readily available across the semester through PAM.

Our Semester 2 Reports will include your daughter’s achievement against our Work Habits rubric, the Victorian Curriculum Standards (Years 7 -10) or Learning Outcomes (VCE) and a summary of the Assessment Task results for the semester in each subject. They will not include any subject based written feedback as this has been provided across the semester. However, they will include a homeroom teacher comment which offers a holistic reflection on students development.

The 2021 Work Habits Rubric which has been redesigned this year to give more targeted feedback, is available on PAM but all students are very familiar with its contents. The five categories for this semester are Effort, Learning Behaviours, Task Completion, Contribution to Learning Environment and Preparedness for Class, and will provide feedback against our five-point scale of exemplary to rarely.

Semester 2 Reports will be released via the Parent Access Module (PAM) in SIMON on Thursday 9th December.

Celebrating Student Achievements

Celebrating Student Achievements: Years 7 – 11

This year we have again made the decision to recognise and celebrate these achievements via year level award ceremonies conducted at school but also live streamed for families to be able to participate. At these ceremonies we will be presenting our academic excellence, sport, music and a number of special College awards.

Further details will be sent via Operoo shortly. But in the meantime, here are the dates for your diary

Year 7: Thursday 2 December, Period 1 (8:40 am)

Year 8: Thursday 2 December, Period 3 (11:10 am)

Year 9: Wednesday 1 December, Period 2 (9:40 am)

Year 10: Thursday 2 December, Period 4 (12:15 pm)

Year 11: Wednesday 1 December, Period 4 (12:15 pm)