Always striving upwards



Pentecost Sunday
Sunday 23 May 2021

Pentecost Sunday is a day to celebrate
hope a hope evoked by the knowledge that
God, through the Holy Spirit, is at work
among us. It is a celebration of God’s
ongoing work in the world
the coming of
God’s kingdom.
And it is also a recognition of our
participation in God’s work as the Holy Spirit
is poured upon us.

Litany of the Holy Spirit

Promise of God, grant us hope.
Ray of light, grant us hope.
Author of all good, grant us hope.
Source of life giving water, grant us hope.
Consuming fire, grant us hope.
Ardent love, grant us hope.
Spiritual balm, grant us hope.
Spirit of love and compassion, grant us hope.
Spirit of wisdom and understanding, grant us hope.
Spirit of counsel and fortitude, grant us hope.
Spirit of knowledge and truth, grant us hope.
Spirit of peace and reconciliation, grant us hope.
Spirit of transformation and renewal, grant us hope.
Spirit of justice and clemency, grant us hope.
Holy Spirit, Comforter, grant us hope.
Holy Spirit, Gift of God, grant us hope.
Holy Spirit Who fills the universe, grant us hope.

(Education for Justice)