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eLeader and Media Manager Training Day

“On 20 February, the Technologies staff hosted the eLeader and Media Manager training day for all students who were lucky enough to be chosen for these roles. We started out with a prayer, ‘Wonder and Awe’. We related the wonder and awe that comes with learning about technology and the strength technology has to grow our world and views. Badges were presented to all members to acknowledge them as leaders.

Staff and students worked on getting to know you activities and considered what it takes to be a good school leader. Students with previous experience worked with the new members to teach them tips and tricks for using technology around the school. This day was very important as we all learnt vital skills so that we can assist both staff and students in their use of IT. We also worked with the Virtual Reality headsets, looking up videos that relate to topics we cover at school, as these will soon be available for all classes to use.

During the afternoon session, the eLeaders and Media Managers broke into separate groups to begin working on projects for the year. Mrs Bird, the Media Managers and I brainstormed events to run throughout the year. Mrs. Damiris, Brillant (my fellow ICT Captain) and the eLeaders, focused on planning for Technologies week which will be held during Term 3.

Our day was full of interesting information and we were also treated to a pizza lunch with little sweet treats.

Thank you to Mrs Damiris, Mrs Bird, Mr Martin and the IT support staff who made this training day a wonderful experience.”

ICT Captain

Newman College, University of Melbourne

Our College Captains and Deputy Principal – Students, Ms Carmel Feeney, recently attended a dinner at Newman College, University of Melbourne, to gain insight into life as a residential tertiary student.

“We were greeted by the friendly staff and welcomed with a student-guided tour of the College’s dorms, common areas, academic centre, chapel, and dining hall. We were delighted to hear a choir performance as well as a solo musical performance. We spoke with a current scholar and Fr Frank Brennan, well known for his human rights activism.

A highlight of the night was hearing an entertaining speech from ex-collegiate Mr Maximillian Rudd, a musician, academic and teacher currently undertaking a PhD in music.

We are extremely grateful for the privilege to attend this event.“

Claudia and Ashlee
College Captains

Vocal Soirée

On Tuesday 9 May, vocal students from Sacred Heart Girls College showcased their talents at the annual Vocal Soirée. Parents, family and friends were treated to a variety of musical styles and an open rehearsal by the Musettes choir.

Congratulations to all participants for their excellent performances. Many thanks go to Ms Melissa Hann for her encouragement and organisation of the soirée.

Anthony Tropea
Director of Music