Always striving upwards

Year 9

Year 9 Food Studies

"In our Year 9 Food Studies class, we had two lessons to create six cupcakes for a special occasion.

Prior to the task we created fondant decorations. During the first lesson we prepared and baked our cupcakes and during the second, we decorated them with vibrant coloured frosting and our decorations. I loved seeing everybody's creations at the end!”

Year 9

Dante Alighieri Poetry competition

“On Monday, 29 May students from the Year 9 and 10 Italian classes attended the Dante Alighieri Poetry competition at Melbourne University. In preparation for the interschool competition, we each selected a poem from the set list and then practised it.

It was a wonderful experience, and we appreciated the opportunity to enhance our Italian skills. We are very thankful to our teachers Signora Buratto and Signora Arestia who helped provide us with support in the weeks prior, and on the day.”

Mia and Lauren
Year 10 Italian Class

Congratulations to Sarah who has been announced as a finalist and who will compete again in July, and to Gabrielle and Lauren who received Certificates of Excellence.

Mountains to the Sea

"For our elective, 'Mountains to the Sea,' we had the incredible opportunity to visit Flow Climbing, a bouldering centre located in Cheltenham. Bouldering, although similar to rock climbing, involves scaling walls without harnesses, utilising smaller walls and safety mats instead.

Our excursion began with a thorough introduction to safety procedures, including the proper technique for falling, and how to identify the different difficulty levels. With safety in mind, we eagerly approached the walls, one by one, and triumphed over each challenge we encountered.

While two walls proved exceptionally difficult and posed a significant challenge, we persisted and attempted them nearly 100 times each, inching closer with every attempt. While those particular walls defeated us that day, we remained determined.

The experience was incredibly enjoyable, and it provided me with valuable insights into my own skills and ability to push beyond my comfort zone."

Year 9


Our Year 9 STRIVE Program has launched!

"The Year 9s went out to the city. We had activities to complete including a scavenger hunt and went on a tour focussing on buildings and architecture.

Afterwards, we had to make our own way home from the city. The day was an exciting and eventful experience, showing us important life skills we will likely use in the future."

9 Red

​​Year 9 STRIVE - Investigating Melbourne

​For one day each fortnight, our Year 9 students participate in the new STRIVE program which has been designed to empower students to be active participants in their own learning and encourage deep thinking.

​Recently our students ventured into the heart of Melbourne.

​“Our time spent in the city was enlightening. It gave us the chance to learn and experience many new things outside of the classroom. We had the opportunity to arrange our outings with our small groups, which helped us to develop our teamwork skills. We were trusted to navigate the city which allowed us to show some independence.​

​We really enjoyed some of the locations we don't frequently get to visit, like the Melbourne Museum and the NGV, and learnt new information on tours of places including the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building.

​Investigating Melbourne allowed us to enhance skills that we don’t usually get the chance to use in the classroom and it was lots of fun.”

Year 9


"For the past few weeks, in Year 9 Science, we have been studying Ecology and learning about different habitats, food chains and food webs.

In our practical, we investigated regurgitated owl pellets that came all the way from North America! We opened them up to see the bones of animals that they had eaten and examined what types of prey they were. We are now going to link our data with the theory that we learnt in class."

Year 9

Teacher: Dr Kerrilee Pywell

Food Studies

"For our Year 9 Food Studies assignment each student in the class selected a different flavour cupcake. Over two lessons, we baked and decorated them using butter cream icing, fondant and our creativity."

Georgia Leah

Teacher: Deborah Rattray

Mountains to the Sea

Last term, the Mountains to the Sea class participated in an excursion at Treetops Adventure in Belgrave.

“At the start, it was a little overwhelming having to control and change over the clips, but eventually I got used to it and found it quite easy. I had to be the one to clip everything in without help which made me feel really independent.

There were obstacles that were easy to tackle but others that gave everyone a hard time. The amount of upper body strength that was needed was insane and not at all what any of us were expecting.

Upon reflection, it was a challenging day which gave me a great amount of pride and a sense of accomplishment.”

Elaina – Year 9