Always striving upwards

Year 7

Year 7 Drama

Year 7 Drama classes have been learning about Ancient Greek theatre. The students have researched and learnt about Greek plays, chorus and masks. In groups, they are creating and performing their own plays in the same style.

Melissa Learmonth
Year 7 Drama teacher

Year 7 History

Year 7 History classes have been researching ancient Greek figures both historical and mythological. Their aim was to create a 'museum' exhibit displaying their 'archaeological and archival' finds. Each student wrote two pieces about their figure exploring different perspectives and created visuals or an artefact. Many of the finished results have displayed wonderful care, research and creativity reflecting great engagement with the task.

Fiona Chorovski
History teacher

Year 7 Purple Bake Sale

Year 7 students have been celebrating Christmas in July! Across the month, there were several opportunities designed to encourage student agency, social connections and outreach, reflecting the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools 2030 vision that "every student is inspired and enabled to flourish and enrich the world".

Students worked with their Homeroom Teachers to select activities for their peers to participate in. These included positive affirmation Christmas chains, Christmas movies, Secret Santa affirmation letters, gingerbread decorating and supporting the St Vinnie's Winter Appeal collection. In addition, a Christmas casual clothes day and bake sales raised more than $700 for the work of the RNDM Sisters in Kenya. Sr Mary McInerney kindly gave up her time to come and speak to the Year 7 students about the Sisters' work with the disabled in Kenya.

Thank you to Mr Tuan Vu from AJ's Bakery in East Bentleigh, for his generous donation of gingerbread biscuits for the 7 Blue Gingerbread Sale.

Anne Noonan
Level Leader Year 7


On Thursday 27 of July, Year 7 Purple came together and made many sweets and treats to sell at a bake sale. The students created the treats decorated for Christmas as this winter the Year 7 students are celebrating Christmas in July. $350 was raised from the event and all the money goes toward the work of the RNDM Sisters in Kenya. Thank you to all the students who bought desserts to help raise money.

Happy Christmas!

Leoni and Year 7 Purple

Science Flight

A rotocopter is a paper construction that, when dropped from a height, spins as it falls. As part of their Forces unit in Science, Year 7 students were tasked with making a rotocopter and then investigating how changing one variable or factor affected the time taken to fall.

“I found this investigation fun because we had to really to think about how we could make our rotocopter better. I found it a bit challenging to find ways to improve it from the original trial. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity, and I am excited for future pracs in Science.”

Year 7 Red student

Year 7 RE RNDM Sisters Visit

“Last term Year 7 students spent some time learning about our identity as a Catholic school and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDMs) who opened our school back in 1957.

As part of the unit, all Year 7 RE classes received a visit from Sr Madeleine, an RNDM sister and one of the first intake of students at Sacred Heart. She talked to us about the vision of the RNDMs and how they help people all around the world.

It was an amazing experience as we had the opportunity to hear some of Sr Madeleine’s stories about the people who have benefitted from the RNDM’s help. She also spoke about how different Sacred Heart was when she first started here as a student.

We all appreciated immensely the time she spent with us, as we took away many new learnings and extended our knowledge of the school. We all loved hearing about the extraordinary ways the RNDMs help and care for those most in need and the positive impact they have on communities worldwide.”

Year 7

Monash Motor Sport

"I was very fortunate to be presented with the opportunity to be able to go to Monash University for the day to complete many different activities with Monash Motor Sport. We were able to do car simulations, launch paper rockets, make 3D creations, see a test drive of a car and many more activities.

It was a great experience!"

Year 7

Year 7 Discovery Outdoor Education Camp

A highlight of transitioning to secondary school, Year 7 Discovery Outdoor Education Camp has opened our students' eyes to new adventures at Wombat Corner in Emerald and Gillwell Park in Gembrook.

Whether based in cabins or camping out, the students have taken on challenges, connected with the natural environment and made new friends.

Students have taken to the activities with great enthusiasm and increased confidence - bushwalking, high ropes, canoeing, flying fox, night walks and enjoying each other's company around the campfire.

For some of our students, these were new experiences and for all, the beginning of a wonderful Sacred Heart memory quilt.