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Year 10 Summit Camp

The Summit Camp 2023 provided amazing opportunities for learning about oneself, others and the natural world. The focus of the Year 10 experience was on leadership and community action and the personal benefits of taking on new challenges.

Students chose their camp from the four activities available to them;

  • rock climbing at Mount Arapiles
  • sea kayaking on the Gippsland Lakes,
  • canoeing on the mighty Murray River, and
  • hiking, surfing, stand up paddling and abseiling at Wilson’s Promontory.

Immersed in incredible locations, doing incredible things, our students had an unforgettable experience

Mt Arapiles: Rock Climbing

For the Year 10 Summit camp, I went to Mt Arapiles, and it was so much fun. I think it was better than all the other camps through the years. We were base camping, so we didn't have to move around so we had a good setup. Our Halls leader had a hammock which there was a constant fight over!

One challenge was that we had to self-cater for the entire week, and we didn't have access to a fridge.

The activities at camp were rock climbing and abseiling. Our group went rock climbing at multiple spots at Mitre Rock and we also climbed at Bushrangers Bluff or ‘the Bushies’ as the Halls leaders called it. The rock climbing and abseiling at the Bushies was probably the most fun as one of the climbs was a cave swing so once you got to the top you jumped, and your belayers kept you from falling. There was also a 25m abseil. For someone who has done rock climbing and abseiling before I can say that it has never been like this.

The excitement didn't stop when camp ended though as our bus broke down in Ararat and we were stuck there for two hours. For me this camp was excellent, and I have, among others, three people to thank. In my group, we had our SHGC staff member, Dr McClive who put up with my friends for the week and there was complaining, our Halls staff member, Nina who organised all the camps, as well as our tour guide Beck who taught us how to do everything safely. I also want to thank the other tour guides Darwa and Glenn, our school staff Ms Blain and Ms Arestia and Halls staff Mickey and Grace.

Georgia Petti
Year 10

Gippsland Lakes: Sea Kayaking

The Sea Kayaking camp at the Gippsland Lakes was a fun experience, getting closer with our camp group members and learning to cook all our meals by ourselves.

On the first day, we learnt how to use and pack our kayaks. It was very hot day and we had been on the bus for about four hours so we couldn’t wait to get on the water.

On the second day, we set out on a 14 kilometre kayak trip from Raymond Island across to Bunga Arm campsite. While it was an extremely tiring journey, we enjoyed singing our favourite songs and racing each other in the kayaks. That night, we sat around the campfire toasting marshmallows while our camp leaders told us riddles.

Our third day was very eventful. We started another 14 kilometre expedition in strong winds, but we stopped after only one kilometre when some of the kayakers got stranded on an island and stuck in the waves. Because of the weather conditions we were instead able to take a boat ride to our campsite later that day while the sun set.

Our fourth day was bittersweet as we would be soon going back to the comfort of our homes, but we would be leaving our friends. The highlight of my camp experience would be singing with and listening to my friends screaming out their favourite songs while in the middle of the ocean.

I know my whole camp group can agree that despite our many crazy experiences on camp, it was also one of our favourite experiences.

Tyra Simons
Year 10

Wilsons Promontory: Hiking, Surfing, Suping & Abseiling

Tuesday, 14 March marked the day the Year 10s gathered our sleeping bags and journeyed out. Our group stayed at Wilsons Promontory.

The camp lasted for 4 days and was filled with challenging activities that left us with memories to last a lifetime. The stand up paddleboarding involved us going out to Tidal River, through the most gorgeous scenery, with the greenery surrounding us emitting such a calming atmosphere that you couldn’t help but take a moment to close your eyes and give into the serenity. While most of us aren’t used to 15km hikes, we unanimously agreed the view around us was worth it all, a breathtaking moment where we stood on the very top of the mountain overlooking the beautiful blue ocean and vivid trees. A favourite of the activities would have to be the surfing, where it was so fun to be out there with friends enjoying the ocean and laughing when you fell over.

There were some unexpected guests we came across, wombats who were just nonchalantly stumbling about.

Overall, the camp was such a good experience where we all grew closer together.

Shehani Dassanayake
Year 10

The Murray River: Canoeing

Canoeing on the Murray River: a cluster of days spent tiresomely snaking down the winding water; then nights of relishing in the shade, gossiping and sharing silly riddles.

Although many in our group will express their unrivalled hatred for this painstaking excursion, we’d be neglecting to reveal the obscure beauty of the trip and the memories we made together. Put simply, our journey consisted of picturesque scenery and enhanced skills, boats beached and capsized, an argument then a joke, sore arms but then a race. Even with our patience tested, the treasures that this camp had to offer were not entirely lost on us.

Canoeing on the Murray River: a camp we’ll never forget.

Sasmi de Silva
Year 10