Always striving upwards

Student Spotlight - Alana Stillman

Alana Stillman

With a quarter of students being awarded an ATAR over 90, and a median ATAR of 79.4, the success of the entire VCE Class of 2022 is something to celebrate. At Sacred Heart Girls’ College, a broad range of VCE subjects are offered, providing a pathway for every student, and opportunities to live out the motto “Always Striving Upwards”.

Amongst the many individual achievements, we acknowledge Alana Stillman (Year 12) who was the recipient of a Premier’s VCE Study Award in Dance, a distinction given to the very top performers in individual subjects.

Alana is this year’s Deputy College Captain – Arts, and is completing her VCE, with the subjects Biology, French, Health and Human Development, Literature and Theatre Studies.

An additional honour was given to Alana when she was asked to open the awards ceremony with her VCE performance piece.

“It presented a valuable opportunity, not only for me personally, but also for an Arts subject like Dance to receive recognition and celebration.”

Earlier in the year she was part of the VCE Season of Excellence, performing in Top Class Dance at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Alana’s advice to students completing VCE subjects is to remain dedicated and persistent in their studies.

“It is important to develop a passion towards your subjects, as this will inspire you to continue to do your best.”

“Always believe in yourself and in your capabilities.”

Along with developing intrinsic motivation, Alana believes being actively involved in the classroom is essential.

“Asking questions and applying feedback is incredibly valuable for your learning.”

This approach is supported by Dance teacher, Romy Melling, who attributes Alana’s success to a combination of factors including her sheer dedication and unwavering commitment.

“Alana is the type of student who seizes every opportunity to work hard and possesses an awe-inspiring ability to think both creatively and critically.”

Alana has already accepted a place in a full time dance course for 2024.

“I really like the prospect of developing my skills further not only as a dancer but also in choreography.”

Sacred Heart Girls’ College is proud of Alana, and each and every one of our students, for their effort and dedication to their learning.