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College Awards

For the last two years our College Awards Ceremonies have been conducted at school during the day and have been live streamed for families to be able to participate. In reflecting on the last two years, we have noted many benefits of this model but acknowledge the downside of families not being able to attend in person.

This year, we have made the decision to recognise and celebrate these achievements via combined year level award ceremonies conducted at school which will continued to be live streamed so that families can participate. In addition, we will be inviting parents/carers of award recipients to attend in person. Our intention will be to seek feedback from families as to their preference for future years.

At these ceremonies we will be presenting our academic excellence, leadership, sport, music and a number of special College awards. Further details will be sent via Operoo later in the term. But in the meantime, here are the dates for your diary

Year 7: Friday 2 December, commencing 9:00 am

Years 8 & 10: Monday 5 December, commencing 9:00 am

Years 9 & 11: Monday 5 December, commencing 1:30 pm

Our Year 12 Awards are presented at our High Achievers’ Assembly early in Term 1 of 2023